About Pigtown Pigout

I know that you're probably wondering what my qualifications are for writing a blog about food. Well, let me give you a couple of reasons:
  • My first girl scout badge was cooking. My mother taught the class and we had just designed a very cool kitchen, so the default was our house.
  • My earliest memories are of my father cooking Saturday dinners, English-style, with roasts, vegetables and pies. He always listened to the Texaco broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera in NYC while he was cooking.
  • My father wrote cooking articles for the Baltimore Sun for years and years.
  • I was a caterer in the late 1980's and did everything from small weddings to crab feasts for hundreds.
  • I eat out a lot.
  • My two best friends in the 'hood are chefs.
I also understand about good service. No snotty waitstaff thinking they're better than you, no dirty tables or dishes or silverware, no hovering and no forgetting.