Sunday, June 15, 2008

To Market, To Market

I am a devotee of the Sunday Market, under the end of the Jones Falls Expressway. Not the most gorgeous location, but in the heat of summer, it provides plenty of shade. This morning, we got there at about 7:45, and I actually remembered to bring my camera along and take some pictures.

It's still early in the season and we had a cool and rainy spring. Mostly, there are local root vegetables, like radished and onions, and lots of lettuces. Beginning this week or next, everything has to be local - no imported fruits and veg.

Here's some of what we saw today:
Baby squash, all lined up like soldiers. Some still had their blossom-ends!

Fresh basil plants, probably green-house grown.

Radishes. I had these in France for breakfast a couple of times, with butter on them. Not really my idea of breakfast.

Beautiful, buttery lettuce. Yum!

Not local.



Meghan said...

Love the market... I go to Waverly more often because its smaller and easier to manage... plus you don't have the HUGE lines for crepes or kettle corn!

eclecticentertaining said...

Love it! I go to our local farmers market on Saturday. I buy local eggs, milk, beef and of course fruits and veggies.
Great pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah I can see the neon lights reflected in the basil leaves that Roopa was talking about! Did you get some of those perfect (sans neon) looking plants?

Anonymous said...

The Peas!! The spring peas are the best.

John said...

That basil actually looks plastic from this angle.

I went to Waverly market the Saturday before last. I was going to go to the I-83 Market this past Sunday (the second one I would have been to), but I just didn't need to!

Julie said...

The farmers' market is the best Sunday morning entertainment there is.

The produce looks gorgeous and he radishes look particularly wonderful but I'm not much of a radish eater. Too bad.

Angry Asian said...

i've lived in Baltimore for six years and have yet to go to the Sunday market. i lament over my missing the San Diego farmer's market for so long and still, i have yet to give the Baltimore version any of my time. i will endeavor to go soon. thank you for the great pix!