Sunday, October 19, 2008

Market Report - October 19

It was in the 40's when we got to the market this morning, and there was no sign of any of the summer fruits and vegetables, save for a small batch of the last raspberries.
I got some apples and then we had a lovely chat with the man who sells the irises and dahlias. His purple and white dahlias just glow in the early morning sun.
As Kitchenography was buying some greens, I took a picture of one of the farm-workers putting out more Rainbow chard. A shaft of light caught her perfectly.
As we checked out the incredible range of gourds, pumpkins and squashes, we saw the smallest little things nestled between them. When we asked, the farmer told us that they were little spiny cucumbers.
As I've mentioned before, I don't like odd coloured fruits and vegetables, and the purple cauliflower is no exception. It's very purple and if you were making soup for the Ravens game, it would be perfect.
This wee shopper seemed to be struggling under the weight of some greens, but was making a valiant effort!

I will be at a different market next week, so will see you the first weekend of November!


jamaila said...

I finally got to go to the Waverly market for the first time ever this weekend and we totally bought a big bunch of those dahlias. They were AMAZING.

BMoreSweet said...


Lucky said...

when are you going to do another get together??

i was wondering if the farmer's markets had any veggies left...

John said...

I went to the Waverly market for the first time in a while this Saturday (I work on Saturday mornings quite a few exits away so it just isn't gonna happen). I got some sage and tonight made some tilapia with feta, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil on it. I ran out of parsley but put some fresh sage on it, and DAMN it went well. Also have a big-ass thing o' fennel, ready for roasting.