Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Pigtown Mainstreet had our Sundaes on Friday event at Sweet Tooth across from Hollins Market last Friday and it was a ball! For $10, each person got two tickets, entitling them to two sundaes. As much as people protested that they couldn't POSSIBLY eat two sundaes, many people managed!
The ice cream came from Sylvan Beach Ice Cream, which has a store in the Mount Washington area. They have some amazing flavours, including graham cracker and key lime pie. I had some of their strawberry, with crushed fresh strawberry topping and hot fudge as my sundae.
In addition to ice cream, Sweet Tooth has a gorgeous selection of desserts. Two that caught my eye were the brownie chunk cheesecake and the dreamcicle pie!

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danielle said...

I wish I had been able to join in on Friday. It all looks delicious, especially that brownie cheesecake! I love Sylvan Beach's key lime ice cream. I'll definitely be checking out Sweet Tooth hopefully soon.