Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday Market - September 20

It's been a busy last few weeks and although I've been to the market, I haven't gotten too many pictures.
It's really beginning to look a lot like fall at the market with loads of varieties of apples and pumpkins and the changing light. Although I keep hearing that this has been a banner season for figs, I've yet to see any at the market. Here are some of the things we saw at Sunday's Market.

Pumpkins of all sorts
Teeny, tiny tomatoes
Lotus flower pods The gang at the Hummus stall were celebrating International Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day. Ahoy, Captain Cook!
See you next week!


french-treasures said...

Looks like fun!
I love the photo of the sunflower.

Jordan said...

So THAT'S what those are...lotus flower pods! I was always intrigued but never asked, thanks for the info :)

The sunflower pic is beautiful, btw.