Thursday, March 22, 2007

Little Havana

Since the weather was so glorious this afternoon/evening, a group of us headed over to Little Havana to have a cocktail or three on the deck. There was a revolving cast of characters, but the base number was about six, so we got a picnic table.

I started out with a double mojito, unfortunately not made by "my" bartender, Mark, who was eating dinner and not on shift yet. It was wonderful to start the season with a mojito. I just tried the Orbit mojito-flavoured gum, which was strange, so a real one was much better.

Little Havana has specials during the week - the half price kind! Tonight, they had the most incredible looking crabcake sandwiches, with lumps of gorgeous white crab. Personally, I am allergic to crab, so I didn't partake. I wasn't all that hungry, so I just ate W's sweet potato fries, liberally dusted with Old Bay. W, by the way, ordered two crabcake sandwiches. After all, they were only $5.00 (no, that's not a typo!) each. They were garnished with raw onions, tomato and lettuce and on a kaiser roll.

The service was excellent, even though the place was mobbed. Most everyone got beers - and they have a good selection - and one person got a pitcher of margaritas for $5.00. So, the upshot was dinner for six, plus drinks, for a whopping $57.00.

This is the launch of the Downtown Sailing Center and Little Havanas season! Let's just hope it doesn't snow again.
Update: April 8 - It snowed a little bit last night. Enough to leave some scant evidence!


Rebecca said...

Probably a stupid question considering the name of the place, but do they have Cuban sandwiches there?

Fairfax said...

They do... you can access their menu through their website, which i have linked. they have a lot of pork items on the menu. I don't know how authentic their food is, having never been to Cuba! ;-)

Jon said...

Those are some amazing deals. I'll check it out.

Julie said...

Good lord that's a lot of food and drink for the money. And that deck and view is the best in town.

Rachel said...

I really need to check them out!