Friday, March 9, 2007

Whole Food = Whole Paycheck

I have a cold and cough, so when I left the office this afternoon, I had a craving for juice - not your ordinary orange juice, but the sunny, bright tangerine juice from Whole Foods. With the theory of feeding a cold, I thought I should also pick up something to eat.

The tangerine juice wasn't the fresh-squeezed that I remember, but it's the Naked brand of100% juices that WF has. This juice has been "gently" pasturized, so it's clear that it's not fresh-squeezed, although it does have a sell-by date.

Yes, I am eating at my desk.

I most certainly didn't feel like cooking, so I wandered by the prepared foods buffet and got a little bit of the chicken alfredo, which was the right amount of bland and white. I also got some stir-fry, which, while it tastes good, looked pretty appalling when I got it home. The meat is very dry looking and tasting and the broccoli looked dead. (The dog loved it!). I cooked the stir-fry in the microwave and to my surprise, the container semi-melted.

Connor eating out of the container.

I also got some garlic bread for later this weekend, some cherry-vanilla granola for brekkie, and two bunches of tulips ($12). I gave one of the bunches of tulips to my friends who own Housewerks and have the other one in my living room. This came to a grant total of $38.72, which is pretty expensive.
Update: I heated the garlic bread this evening and I should have scraped about half the butter off of the top (did I really just say that???). It was literally swimming in a pool of butter after I heated it. The bread was good and there were were nice chunks of garlic, which were perfect, but toooo much butter.


Rebecca said...

I always try to justify a bill like that by telling myself I would have spent more than that for 3 meals in a restaurant, or some other sort of self-deluding nonsense. If I read your post correctly, not counting the flowers, which are practically necessities at this time of year if we're not to go mad, between you and Connor you did get about 3 meals or so for $38.72. That's not TOO bad, aside from being enough to feed a small village in Africa for a week, that is...

Julie said...

I'm often amazed and alarmed at the amounts I spend at Whole Foods. If I'm very specific about what I get there like only meat and cheese, it's not so bad. It's those occasions when I start picking up little extras and find myself paying $5 for a bag of onions or $6 for a bag of potatoes that I really notice how ludicrously high my grocery bills are.

Julie said...

P.S. Feel better!

Baltimore Snacker said...

Two points:

1 - I am too often ashamed of how much I spend there. And now with their delish buffet at $7.99 / lb, I'm a lot less motivated to indulge.

2 - Mmmm. Butter.

Somebody had to say it. Somebody just had to say it!

Baltimore Snacker said...

Oh yes, hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

my breakfast consisted of a cup of sumatra and a delish pecan and raisin roll, yes with butter(.10) But i mean , you have got to have the butter.
grand total $3.00
the least amount of money I have ever spent in a whole foods.
However, all things look so much more appealing than at the shoppers.

pinknest said...

oooh the buttery garlic bread sounds good. swimming in butter. heh. hope you're feeling better by now!!