Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cheasapeake Wine Company

Cat, Dog, D and I went to the Chesapeake Wine Company in Canton on Friday to celebrate the end of a long week for all of us. When we got there at about 6:30-ish, it wasn't too croweded, and we were able to get a table inside with no problem. It took a bit for our waitress, the only one for the room full of tables, and, it seemed, the outside tables, to get to us.

We talked a bit about what to get and Cat and I ordered a bottle of prosecco to split and Dog ordered a bottle of special beer. D ordered a glass of red wine. We also ordered two pizzas, one with chiorizo and one with veggies, and a cheese and bread plate. We probably waited about 15 minutes for the drinks, a half an hour for the pizzas and TWO HOURS for the cheese plate. The food was good, but by the time we got it, and we had to ask for the cheese tray numerous times, we were so famished that it didn't really matter how it tasted.

The most un-nerving thing about the whole evening was the sheer number of things that hit the floor! The waitress dropped a couple of glasses from a box marked Riedel (ca-ching), someone else dropped a six pack when the bottom fell out of the holder, and on and on... You just kept hearing glass shattering. In a place that has lots and lots of glass being used, you would think that a cement floor might not be the best option.

The total bill for all of us was about $70, which included the corkage fees for Dog's beers, even though he went and selected them from the cooler and had to chase down the waitress to get him a bottle opener.

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Baltimore Snacker said...

I am not a wine person, but it looks like a fun place for when I am feeling like wine! :)