Sunday, April 8, 2007

Peeps: The Preferred Easter Treat

I gave up sweeties for Lent, and that was tough. My sisters were both aghast that my first selection wasn't a chocolate bunny, but a bright yellow Peep. In honour of the end of Lent, I made myself one of my Easter faves: Peeps BruleƩ. This simple but elegant fare is such fun for all!

1. Take one box of Peeps (yellow chicks preferred, but any colour and shape will do)
2. Stick a fork into one Peep.
3. Roast over gas flame.
4. Wait until sugar is carmelized and marshmallow is gooey.
5. Eat.
The alternative method is to use your little blow torch for this. Beware of the molten sugar though.

There are two camps of Peeps people: those who like them fresh from the box and those who prefer to let them sit and age a bit and become crusty. You can stick them into the microwave and let them melt, which is good for a few seconds of entertainment. Or you can try this:
There are also lots of recipes for Peeps, including a scary salad with Raman noodles and cabbage. If you look around, you can find some pix of people Peeping their ride. I haven't tried that one yet.
Happy Easter to all my Peeps!


Julie said...

I had Peeps today. I'm a traditionalist and only eat yellow Peeps.

I've never roasted them. Somewhere in the past 24 hours I read a great idea though: s'mores made with yellow Peeps.

Baltimore Snacker said...

I like the Peeps both old and chewy AND new and softy, er, soft. Oh, did you see that South Park episode with the whole DaVinci Code spoof (St. Peter was a rabbit) and Catholic League prez Bill Donohue? Hilarious scene with exploding marshmallow Peeps.