Sunday, July 29, 2007

Restaurant Week in Baltimore

This coming week is Restaurant Week in Baltimore and it's become rather a competitive event. Just how many restaurants are YOU going to get to? I've got two lined up so far, and may try another one. One is a revisit, just because I am going with friends and it was one place they mentioned. The other will be a new place for me. Catch my reviews in the coming week!

So, where are YOU going?


Anonymous said...

I highly suggest Brewers Art. Tip does a fantastic job with the food, the beer is just a plus.

Nick @ the bicycle is worth a visit too. It's really too bad Rachel Ray didnt stay long enough to eat anything.

Pazo, despite the "hype" has great tapas, and is great for a group. Reservations are needed here.

John said...

Already went to two places. But that's mostly because my sister treated me to one of them (I should find more earrings that she thought were gone forever).

Julie said...

I recently had dinner at the Brewer's Art and thought it was wonderful (as did the entire group I was with) although I am not too inspired by the menu they've posted for Restaurant Week.

Bicycle and Pazo are both on my list because their Restaurant Week menus are among the more interesting.

But I'm also looking for more suggestions.

Anonymous said...

I recommend Nassau Blanco.
The charred eggplant is fantastic. Do not order the yuzu martini as they are always out of the juice, and not as good without it.

I am not sure if Salt is participating in restaurant week- but there is another fantastic dining opportunity. Homemeade frites fried in Duck Fat could anything be better?