Sunday, September 16, 2007

H-Mart Again

The other day, I was interviewed about this blog, and when I was asked where I do my grocery shopping (as if!), I had to come up with a name or two. I have to get food for the Connor-pup, but PetSmart doesn't count...

I figured that the places I food-shop most are H-Mart and the Farmer's Market. I went to H-Mart early this morning because I wanted to get all of my errands done so I could get back to the hood before the lunatics started arriving for today's Ravens game. H-Mart was relatively empty, compared to the usual mobs.
H-Mart's produce is always spectacular in both freshness and variety. I got lots of grape tomatoes, which I am now oven-drying for pastas. I toss them with a tiny bit of olive oil and some sea salt, put them on a jellyroll pan (cookie sheet with sides) and stick them in a low oven. I have gas utilities, so can keep the oven really low. After a couple of hours, the tomatoes will start to de-hydrate and the house will take on a bright tomato-y smell. The dried tomatoes are like candy, they're so sweet.

H-Mart also had some yummy-looking strawberries that were really cheap. I watched one of the produce guys culling the bad ones and consolidating the boxes. I may make some jammy sort of thing. Additionally, I bought some new potatoes, organic brown eggs, a can of peach soda, and some tubes of blackcurrant fruit pastilles to share with Coconut & Lime/Food Maven who has them on her list of things she's looking for. I also got a tube of mixed fruit pastilles, but there are pear-flavoured ones in there, which nearly made me crash the car in horror, especially since I thought they were going to be grapefruit.
H-Mart has vastly improved since I started going there about five years ago. It used to be a little on the grubby side, but they've really shaped up and it's very clean, as far as I can see!

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Julie said...

Your tomatoes sound delicious. What a good idea!