Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Miss Shirley's...NOT

On Sunday, the Runner and I attempted to meet at Miss Shirley's in South Roland Park for brunch. I had a sneaking feeling that it wasn't going to happen, as it was a holiday weekend and there's slim pickin's for place to have brunch in that 'hood. The Runner was coming from the north side of the city, and I was coming from the south, so it seemed pretty middle. As I drove by, there was a huge line of people out front, so I called the Runner and suggested we think of some place else.
Her suggestion was Sanders Corner in the Loch Raven watershed, just off upper Cromwell Bridge Road. I had always heard about this place, but since it's rare for me to venture that far north, I'd never been. There were some people milling about waiting, but nothing like Miss Shirley's. We wanted to get brunch and just squeeked in under their time limit of 1:00 p.m.

I ordered the "Full English breakfast", but having lived there, it really wasn't. Full English brekkies have grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, baked beans, black pudding and decent streaky bacon, sausages and lashings of hot tea. This didn't. I had watery scrambled eggs, well-done scrapple and a raisin bagel. And a coke. But I did have brunch with the Runner, which was the main event!
While the restaurant is on the Loch Raven watershed, you can't see the water. It's mostly on Loch Raven Drive, where there are lots of motorcycles. We did get to eat outside, which made it nice. And I got to spend quality time with the Runner, which was even nicer.

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xiao zhu said...

the food at miss shirley's is good, but not worth waiting a decade in line for. i have had friends wait up to 2 hours.