Thursday, February 21, 2008

Peeps Diorama Contest

I give up sweets for Lent, which is a huge sacrifice! When Easter morning comes, I'd rather scarf down some Peeps flambe than nibble on chocolate bunny ears. My siblings think that this is another sign that I am adopted, but I love me some Peeps! I have just found that there's even a Peeps Research Center, which has loads of information on this spring species.

I was reading the Washington Post and found that they hold a Peeps Diorama Contest. This is the second annual, since last year's was such a huge success. Here are the rules:
  1. Think of a scene - current, historic or future.
  2. Get you some Peeps
  3. Get a shoebox or like-sized box
  4. Create a scene
  5. Take pix of your creation
  6. Send to the WashPost by Saturday, March 2.
  7. Winners will be published on Easter Sunday.
Make sure to scroll through the gallery of last year's submissions. They're hilarious!


danielle said...

I love Peeps! I want to make a diorama. I don't think I'll have time by March 2nd. Let's hope they do this again next year.

John said...


Kit Pollard said...

Great minds think alike. I posted about this yesterday!

But what I somehow DIDN'T get was that it was a contest announcement. I thought it was announcing the winners.

Trying to figure out if I have time this week to create my own peep show...

John said...

I have an idea for a Peep contest entry - I mentioned it at Great Tastes yesterday.

diningdish said...

Peeping to love it.

a. said...

I love all things related to Peeps - being born on Easter does that to you@

Anonymous said...

Did you see the results of this year's contest at The Washington Post. Too funny.

My faves are Project Peepway and No Country for Old Peeps.