Tuesday, February 5, 2008


My peeps and I took a field trip to H-Mart this evening. We were looking for quail eggs so that Ms. Askew could maybe make this cool necklace from Stephanie Simeck which I found on the delightful blog M.A. Belle. Of course, they didn't have quail eggs. I had forgotten that Chinese New Year is this weekend, and thought that H-Mart was going to be mobbed, but it was actually quieter than I've ever seen it on a week night.

We wandered through the frozen food section, admiring the pot-stickers and laughing at the bottles of Pocari Sweat, Japan's favourite drink, which apparently tastes like 7-Up. Not that I am actually going to try it, especially when it's kind of cloudy looking white liquid. We were in the tea aisle when we stumbled upon this horror:

Really, I can't think of anything I would be less likely to want in a non-carbonated beverage than artichoke. The ingredients list includes "artichoke extract, sugar and water". Apparently, it's from Vietnam. I googled it and most listings of it were on food blogs. One person said it tasted like Southern sweet tea. Not going to try it, so I will have to take their word.

My blog-buddy, Kitchenography, loves artichokes more than anything. Wonder what she'll make of this? Artichoke canneloni, yes. Artichoke drink, not so much...

On a brighter note, they did have the most gorgeous miniature Italian eggplants. If you look on the right of this picture, you can see their size in relation to the Brussels Sprouts next to them.Seriously, if you've never been to an H-Mart, take a wander on over there. It's quite a lot of fun. Baltimore's is on Route 40 West and Rolling Road, diagonal to the Double T Diner.


Julie said...

I think I am on record as saying I love all things artichoke but it's clear I need to amend that. I've never had it but I think it's unlikely -- highly unlikely! -- that I would love artichoke drink. Or even like it.

Do you think people drink it for reasons like this stuff?

Dan said...

Wow, Artichoke Drink. Not quite as stomach churning as the legendary Kraut Juice but damn close!

Nice meeting you yesterday and looking forward to the blog panel. DT

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