Sunday, September 21, 2008

Market Report - September 21

When I lived in Wales, the one of the two children in our household was fascinated by aliens. He had a dear little Welshie accent and would walk around talking about aliens. Of course, this child also wanted to be a vampire's dad for Halloween... When I am at the market these days, and see the incredible lotus pods, I think of wee Robbie (who I will see in October!).
As we were making our first loop, I was struck by the morning sun bouncing off a building to the west of the underpass and then reflecting back and focusing on a chestnut pod and leaves. Although I love the smell of roasting chestnuts, I am not wild about either the taste or texture.
I thought this pumpkin, hiding out in a batch of watermelons, was pretty funny.And the wild gourds this year, with their flaps and wings, are something to see!
Mums are everywhere nowdays and they come in every colour of the rainbow. I am partial to the sunny yellow ones and will plant two outside my house in the next week or so.

I am very taken with this tiny bud/berry plant. Every week, I ask what it is, every week they tell me and every week, I forget! These buds are tiny, maybe 1/16 of an inch across.

The broccoli is coming back and one stand had little baskets with just one head each. I love the grey-ish greeny blue colour of fresh broccoli.

Today, I bought a basket of cherry tomatoes to make "sun-dried" tomatoes, which I will detail in the next post.


Sam Sessa said...

Sometimes I feel just like that pumpkin.

Pigtown-Design said...

Sam... is it the glow that surrounds you as you move through life?

Lucky said...

loved these pix - esp. the seed pods - love that gray purple color.