Monday, January 26, 2009

Restaurant Week: Lebanese Taverna

A group of us went to Lebanese Taverna in Harbour East and although the food was excellent, the service was the worst ever! It took more than four hours from start to finish.

We had a 7:00 p.m. reservation and they seated us promptly, but it took about 15 minutes for the waiter to take our drink order and then about another 20 minutes to bring our beers and wines. Then it was about another 20+ minutes before he brought the menus to us.
We all ordered the special menu, which included an appetizer, a glass of wine or beer, the entrée and a dessert. He requested that we place the whole order at that point, which was fine.

When he brought out the appetizers, he just placed them in the middle of the table, but there were about half as many appetizers as diners at our table. When the entrées finally came out, three came, then about 10 minutes later another few and then finally the rest. By this time, it was almost 9:30 and we were getting restless.
A table behind us put their order in, and after waiting about 45 minutes, were presented with their check, even though they’d never gotten their food. They were livid, as they’d been there for almost two hours!

The waiter finally came around and asked us about our desserts, and we mentioned that he’d taken the order earlier. After another lengthy wait, he came back with three desserts, and disappeared. When we finally saw him again and asked where the rest were, he had to take the order all over again. About 10 minutes, he came back and said that the items we’d ordered were out, and we’d have to get something else.
When we finally got our checks, it was nearly 11:00 (he asked if we wanted separate checks and we said yes, since there were 10 of us). Almost every check was wrong, with things missing and other things added or double charged. That took about another 15 minutes to resolve, and we finally left at about 11:15.
Granted it is Restaurant Week and it was a Saturday night, but I can’t see any excuse for this meal to have taken more than four hours! They could have turned over that table twice in the time we were there.

While we all loved our meals, I won’t be going back there any time soon. It was just a huge exercise in frustration for all of us.


Lucky said...

i love lebanese taverna!! try the cafe's in silver spring or bethesda if u ever go out that way. had a party at the b'more location last year - was also good.

4 hrs. is way to long.

Renae said...

While living in northern VA, I would go to the LT at Pentagon Row....everything was always sorry you had a bad experience.

Kathleen said...

Lebanese Taverna was one of my first favorite restaurants when we moved to the DC area. The one in Westover is closest to my house, but I haven't been there in years. There's a branch on Old Dominion that seems to specialize in take out and that's where we seem to go.