Monday, February 16, 2009

Kerry Gold

When I lived with David in Wales, he always had Kerry Gold butter at the house. He left it on the counter, so it was never hard - the house was frigid, even in summer, so it worked.
Kerry Gold tastes like European butter and has a lovely pale yellow colour. It looks different than American butter and you can almost taste the grass that the cows eat.
It's a happy day when I can find Kerry Gold at the grocery store. I found that the Kerry Gold site has a store located for the United States. Click here to find the closest store to you.


Lucky said...

i have to try this!!!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Pigtown, I posted a photo of a block of this butter last year on my blog and got a comment from a reader who said I shouldn't eat Kerry Gold because it was "blended and cheap". He recommended I buy a "locally produced" butter or Normandy butter from the grocery. Now I understand what he is saying, BUT I still love my Kerry Gold :-) Must try the soft kind now! Thanks for the tip about leaving it out on the counter. I think I can leave mine out near my kitchen window.

BMoreSweet said...

I always thought (wrongly) (which is hard for me to admit) that butter was butter. But then in doing my baking homework I learned that Euro butters actually have a higher fat content than do Americans (as do I) - hence the better butter taste! I've tried figuring that out by reading the labels but I can't conquer the math. All I know is....thumbs WAY UP to Kerry Gold!

Kristin said...

With a fresh loaf of Irish Soda bread...what could be better?!

kitty said...

Butter is measured by its water and fat content. In the US law requires AA butter to be at least 80% fat- which means the rest is water- The higher the fat, the better the flavor. In the US color may be added to achieve the desired "yellow" COLOR. In the EU butter is 82-86% fat content- with AOC butters being from Normany or other French appellations. These butters are meant for Eating as they have almost no water content.
Look for Plugra, Pluie, kerrrygold and others at your better groceries.