Monday, March 30, 2009

Lotte Market Sunday

I went to Lotte Market on Route 40 and Route 29 on the advice of Plays with Needles. She'd found the funniest little tooth-picks with wee brushes on either end and I thought they would work for art projects and for cleaning my computer and mouse.

Lotte is a mainly Korean market, but they do have a selection of Latin American and other foods. The store didn't seem as clean as H-Mart, but it was huge. Like H-Mart and Fresh World Market, Lotte has a selection of china and other housewares. Here are some things I saw: Cactus leaves.Fresh Chives.Telephone brand agar-agar. It was the branding on this that made me laugh.Kung Fu Chicken Soup. I thought it was supposed to be Kung Fu Panda.
On the way home, I drove through the Ellicott City valley, just after a storm had blown through. I love Ellicott City, but always forget to go there.


Wendi said...

Meg, you drove right past my office on your way back from Lotte.

I have a picture from my wedding of my husband and I walking down the middle of Main Street right about where you snapped your picture.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

That last photo is stunning! I love it when storms blow through, leaving everything sparkling and fresh :-)