Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Big Bad Wolf BBQ

When I lived in Wales, I never learned the language. Oh, I felt a little guilty about it, but really, when would I ever use it? However, I did come to know three words: Bryn Blaidd Drwg (Y and W are vowels in Welsh). It means Big Bad Wolf.
I realized today that Big Bad Wolf BBQ is only about two miles from my office, so I went over and got lunch. Carolina Pulled Pork with a Kansas City Sauce and Mac & Cheese. I brought them back to my office so I could photograph them and eat them at my desk. The pulled pork or the sauce was a little spicier than I like, but it was very good. The mac & cheese tasted like it had a few types of cheeses in it. I also got a mint-iced tea, which was very refreshing. Of course, anything's better than Southern Sweet Tea.


Brilliant Asylum said...

My mouth began watering immediately upon opening this post. Pork and Mac n' Cheese--the best part about being from the south!

kathleen said...

My goodness, that looks very tasty.

Irene said...

I just heard that Big bad Wolf's is giving out a freed pulled pork sandich for a donation to a orphange they work with in Haiti. So go tomorrow and get a free pulled pork sandich and make a difference for those poor kids in haiti. God bless the Big Good Wolf!