Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Market - May 10

Thank god the rain finally stopped! I felt as though I was beginning to mildew from all of the damp. The first two weeks in May reminded me of life in Wales, right down to the cool weather, glowing green and copious rains.
Because it was the first sunny day of the Downtown Market, it was PACKED, even at 8:00 a.m. There was a line for the beautiful strawberries, but after we did some calculations: n x p = NO, where n=number of pints of strawberries left and p=people in line, we decided not to wait. The other strawberries we saw were not nearly as pretty, so there wasn't a line.
We saw lots of lettuces, asparagus, some left-over apples from last year, but not a lot of other local produce, except some hot-house grown herbs. Lot of market packs of bedding plants and veggies, too.
As opposed as I am to people having dogs at the market (and I am talking to you, woman with the tiny black lab puppy on the leash, who could have been stepped on), I didn't object to the dog this gal was carrying.
We saw this little guy carrying a bag of kettle corn nearly as big as he was!
See you next week!


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Mmm. Kettle corn.

Love the doggie in the pouch too :-)

g. said...

Kettle corn is delish. Sounds like a great day!

John said...

Ooooh that's right! That's open now, isn't it? I still need to get back into the groove of going to the Saturday morning farmer's market in Waverly. Did they have those little donuts? I love those! I got them at the Redlands (California) farmer's market all the time, and was stoked when I saw them at the I-83 one the first time.

LoveFeast said...

My kids love to go for the bag of donuts and we love Zeke's coffee...oh, and the mushroom fritters!!

Anonymous said...

Just curious, but why are dogs at the market (assuming they're well behaved) a no-no? There's hardly any place they can go now without catching flack.

Pigtown-Design said...

Anon...mostly because it's so crowded with people, people with strollers, strolling people, etc. And a lot of times, people's well-behaved dogs really aren't. There are also a lot of small children walking around eating, which doesn't always mix with dogs.

{Speaking as a person whose dog has been attacked several times by off-leash dogs and "well-behaved" dogs.}