Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunday Market - June 21

First day of summer! But one of the farmers told me that they're basically two to three weeks behind schedule because of the cool, cloudy and rainy spring.
Here's what I got on Sunday:
That's right, peonies and raspberries.

Abu, the Flutemaker was there playing his bannister flute.

Yum, stuffed squash blossoms, before the stuffing.
This is some sort of climbing hollyhock.See y'all next week!


Anonymous said...

fresh raspberries!! holy hell, yummmm

Laura [What I Like] said...

So jealous of your peonies! My favorite flower guy says their season is done...saddest day of the year for me.

Michael Lantz said...

Those raspberries look good.That picture makes me want to go to a produce market to get some raspberries.I wish you would have some pictures of Kiwis,I love those things more then anything.

Pigtown-Design said...

Thanks, Michael! I can't take pix of kiwis since they're not locally grown. After June 1, everything at the farmers' market downtown has to be local!