Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday Market – October 25

I bailed on the Market last week, since it was so rainy and dark. I know that it’s a steady downhill slide towards winter from here on out, but the time will change soon and it will be a tad lighter in the mornings.

This week, Halloween is all in evidence, from the vast number of pumpkins to the vendors in costume.

Seriously, how cute is this guy? His grandmother gave him and his father hats. One’s before and the other’s after!

10-25 001 10-25 015 Lady Liberty made an appearance.10-25 012 As did the Buffalo Man… Dude!!!10-25 003 Pumpkins from very, very large10-25 016 to very, very small10-25 010 and every shape and size between.10-25 007 One of the funniest things we saw was two bees on sunflowers. It was so chilly up in the country, that the bees were basically in a suspended state and were not moving.

10-25 017 10-25 018

See you next week @ The Market (if it’s not raining).

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Beth said...

I loved the hats that the Albright Farms guys had on! They were great! They're turkeys are really fantastic--we had one last year for Thanksgiving--so I encourage everyone to try them!