Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Market – October 4

Today was the Farm-to-Table {sponsored by Toyota} at the market and there were four tents scattered around with different chefs pairing with local farms to produce a taste of something they’ve created. 10-4 009

It seemed to me to be a bit less crowded between eight and nine, when we were there. The stations at that time were manned (or womanned) by Jesse Sandlin of Abacrombie + Richfields Farms/South Mt. Creamery with a broccoli soup; 10-4 012 Bill Crouse of Sotto Sopra + Richfields Farms with a butternut squash ravioli;  10-4 025 Rashad Edwards of Meli Patisserie & Bistro + Truck Patch Farms with a dressed salad; 10-4 027 and Sandy Lawler of Feast @ 4 East + Jean-Michel Company/Gunpowder Bison/Martin Farms with bison burgers. (top image)

For me, it was a little early to eat like that, but my companions and fellow bloggers tried the soup and ravioli and proclaimed them delicious!

With the dramatic drop in temperatures in the last week, there are a lot more autumn fruits and vegetables on offer. 10-4 021 Lots of pumpkins and squash. 10-4 018 We’re careening down that slippery slope to winter.

See you next week @ the market.


french-treasures said...

What a great idea! Everything looks wonderful. Wish I could have been there.

Ben said...

We have started going to the Sunday Market since learning about it on your blog. (We're relatively new to Baltimore.) It is quickly becoming a tradition to start out shopping by first enjoying some shrimp sumai, Moroccan mint tea, and coconut shrimp. (Because eating food on a stick while walking around a market is just fun!) Thanks for turning us on to such a wonderful weekly event!