Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mac & Cheese & Chocolate

Over the past couple of days, in numerous conversations about Restaurant Week, I have been hearing about the dish "macaroni and cheese... and chocolate" that is served at Jack's Bistro in Canton. The description of the dish is "Shell pasta with a blend of five cheeses and shaved Belgian milk chocolate". They also serve a cheeseburger soup, which doesn't appeal to me at all!

The website notes that Jack is the most wildly imaginative chef in Baltimore. My feeling is that while throwing chocolate on top of mac & cheese requires more imagination than I will ever have, putting ingredients together just for the sake of attracting attention isn't what it's about. Tell me what you think of mac & cheese and chocolate.


Anonymous said...

chocolate has been used as a background flavour for years- unusual yes, original no.

PS never heard of Jacks?????

Anonymous said...

had it-loved it~~~! did NOT want to share with the rest of the table.
Just as well; its diet food for four only. I am making it today for the weeks' leftover's ala lunch. Or maybe... I better share a supper with friends tomorrow night.
And funny thing; I am not a chocolate lover per se, but this is not just choc/and cheese but savory pasta with a tinge of sweet and a salty darkness to contradict.

Anonymous said...

had dinner there last night- the place was jumpin' thanks in part to the 12$ entree, if you sit at the bar, and "sushi- sundays"

I must admit that none of us were up for the mac and cheese- bet we did try the "guiness tenderloin" quite good. why, you could put that sauce on an old shoe and eat it. We licked the plate.

I recomend skipping dessert- simply just not worth it- but that is ok, there are plenty of other things to recomend about the place.
cool kitchy decor
great neighborhood atmosphere
damn good food
good people watching
great beer, wine and cocktail lists
that's enough for me.

Anonymous said...

It took me quite some time to try the mac & cheese & chocolate at Jack's Bistro. After sampling some of the safer menu items and seeing the passion there, I came to trust that anything this chef is sending out should not be considered a gimmick. I found the chef/owner, Ted, ("Jack's Bistro" is named after the T.V show Three's Company)to be very warm, & often comes out of the kitchen to thank his patrons. I gotta say, I find the mac and cheese and chocolate delightful, and witnessed a elderly lady near me scraping the bowl with her spoon. It's not Kraft and hersheys. It's blended cheeses and belgian chocolate. I believe this chef is on the right track that food should be FUN. The desserts at Jack's are fun also, and house made. I have learned after several visits to Jack's Bistro, to trust that anything this guy puts on his menu will eventually become something I've GOT to try.

jacki said...

I recently tried the chocolate mac n' cheese at a restaurant in Boston. I did it out of curiosity but was shocked at how good it actually was. The restaurant was Rattlesnake and they use a local organic dark chocolate combined with a creamy mac n cheese that includes bacon and hints of spicy peppers. in short, it was effing phenomenal. i was shocked and beyond impressed.