Sunday, August 17, 2008

Market Report - August 17

Well, this is the first week that I've seen fresh apples at the market. With the cool weather we've been having the last week or so, it's amost beginning to feel like autumn.
I didn't buy any apples, but did buy some beautiful yellow peaches. When we were children, my father used to make fried peaches, with a little white Karo syrup on them. But what made them taste so good was that he'd make bacon first, and then fry the peaches in the same pan. I am thinking that might make a good Sunday supper, like when we were children.
The melons are in full force now, with loads of different varieties. During the summer we spent in the Costwolds we had the most lucious melons which looked like honeydew melons on the outside, but canteloupe on the inside. We ate them by the basket, but of course, we've all forgotten the name of them. I wonder if it's the French Melon that I bought this morning...

See you next week!

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Julie said...

Your father's fried peaches sound fabulous.