Sunday, August 10, 2008

Market Report - August 10

This morning, Kitchenography and I were joined by fellow Balti-blogger and baker, B-More Sweet. Like me, B-More had her camera, and I think we took some of the same shots.

Today, there were loads of tomatoes of all sorts of heirloom varieties and these green zebra ones. I wasn't sure if these were the same as last week's yellow/red striped ones, but not as ripe, or whether they're a different variety.
I saw the first of the fresh garlic, which was picked months ago, but has now aged and cured. Garlic chicken, anyone?
Lots of varieties of beans now, and the Pea Man was back with shelled lima beans. Of course, there was a long line. To me, succotash is one of the most vile foods.
I am not sure what these tiny little flowers/berries were, but the way they were used in an arrangement was very interesting.
After the market, we had a nice breakfast at Bonapartes on Thames Street in Fells Point. I like the idea of a breakfast of coffee and a roll, but the service there leaves me cold. We're thinking about doing a Baltimore Food Blogger Meet-Up @ The Sunday Market, on September 14th. Let me know if you're interested. More details will follow.


John said...

I was thisclose to going down there today, but I didn't really need anything. I'll keep 9/14 in mind.

Jamaila said...

I'm totally interested. Just the incentive I need to actually get up early enough to go down there.

Anonymous said...

I am in!

dcdiva said...

Totally in for the meetup.

Next time try hitting Blue Moon after the market. MMMMMM, Captain Crunch french toast!

Pigtown-Design said...

DC... we keep looking at Blue Moon, but the line is a bit off-putting. I really don't do lines.