Friday, July 18, 2008

Tiny Town

As I mentioned, I was in Howard County for a meeting and had a little time before I went to meet my sister at lunch. I stopped by Columbia Mall to pick up a present for Bird, and found to my delight, that there is a Williams-Sonoma there. Could I have really not noticed it before? Was that at all possible? I pride myself on my powers of observation. Turns out they just opened June 1.

As I was checking out, I started chatting with the other woman in line. We both said we lived much closer to the Cross Keys store and talked about the Country Club selling its land. Chat, chat, chat. Something flickered across my mind, but was lost.

Today, I was commenting on the relatively new Baltimore Blog, B-More Sweet, which you should go read (and then come back here). I commented and then the little thought returned. "Were you at Williams-Sonoma in Columbia Mall the other day?" I asked. Seconds later an e-mail came, "I was!!!! Was that you I was talking to?? OMG!!!!!!!"

Even stranger, before I knew it was B-More Sweet, I saw her again today and thought, I recognize her... I just spoke to her recently... Who is she?

They don't call Baltimore Tiny Town for nothing.


danielle said...

Adorable ice cream dishes.

I've never heard the term Tiny Town...just Smalltimore. Still, that is quite a coincidence.

BMoreSweet said...

And Meg, you are so kind as not to say "AND SHE LOOKED NOTHING AT ALL LIKE I'D PICTURED HER!" :-)

I'm just so glad that when we ran into each other, it wasn't because I was busy giving someone hell...or adjusting my underwear...or falling off a barstool....


Julie said...

How big a coincidence is that? Even more surprising that you realized who it was based on that passing encounter.