Sunday, July 20, 2008

Market Report - July 20

The market is in full swing now, and all of the fresh fruits are on the stalls. I got some of the last raspberries until fall, and also some black currants. They are not the commercial crop here in the US that they are in the UK, because they carry a blight which isn't harmful to them, but is to White Pine (Pinus strobus) that is a commercial crop. I adore black currents but anything made with them is nearly impossible to find here. So, I dried them in the oven and will probably make muffins or something like that with them.

Again this week, they had the stunning white eggplants. They have the most gorgeous white skin. Kitchenography bought two, so let's see what she does with them.

I am sure I could find something delicious to do with the apricots, like an upside-down cake. But since I don't really cook...

I think that this is called a globe amaranth. I love how you can see tiny blooms inside the main flower.

Here's the sunflower photo of the week. I think this is a more fall or harvest season looking one, than full summer.

See you at the Market next week! Let's think about doing a Baltimore Food Blogger Meet-Up at the Market before the summer's gone.


Julie said...

The last week of raspberries til fall? Damn! I wish I'd bought some.

John said...

That's a good idea. Let me know when you plan to have that. Though really I've been enjoying the Waverly Market more. But the I-83 one is a good central one.