Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Post Visits The Market

Well, the Washington Post's writers managed to find their way all the way to the provinces and come to the Baltimore Farmers' Market. In their usual back-handed way, they said that it was good and cheap... something we all knew already.

You can find the two stories here and here.


Julie said...

Lots of Washington Post writers live in Baltimore but the writer of the top 10 article must not. Otherwise I'm sure she would have mentioned that Kieffer Mitchell was a former city member and mayoral candidate -- which is one of those things that adds to the Baltimoreness of the downtown farmers' market. I'm pretty sure the Dupont Circle farmers' market doesn't have any former DC officials selling orange juice.

Carol Ott said...

No, but I'm sure you'd find a few former DC officials smoking crack...

Sorry, couldn't help myself.