Monday, July 7, 2008

Market Report - July 6

I didn't get many pictures at the market because I was too busy concentrating on drinking a cup of Zeke's coffee and socializing. The cherries this week looked a lot better than last week and tasted loads better, too. There are still raspberries, which I bought to share with my mother. Apricots and early peaches are in, too. Friends we had dinner with on Sunday had gotten corn, which was small but good.

This week I was attracted by the mushrooms and their interesting shapes.
I also got a shot of what I thought was lavender, but is actually Russian Sage.
I bought a bunch and it's got a great but light scent. If you like the look of this, check out the corner of Charles Street and Bellona Avenue, heading down towards GBMC. The median's planted with it and it looks stunning. I may have mentioned that I like to have my fruit and veg in their original colours, so these purple and yellow peppers were a little off-putting, but fun!


Erin said...

Beautiful pictures! Xani and I were at the market under 83 this weekend - is that where you were too? We were probably there at the same time!

Pigtown-Design said...

Erin... julie and i meet at the reed's stand at 8... is that when you were there? we should a foodie blogger market meet-up.