Sunday, July 27, 2008

Market Report - July 27

WOW, the market was really crowded this morning, even when we got there at 8:00. The peaches are really coming in and there's a funny variety, which I don't really understand, called Donut Peaches. They're small and flat. I'd rather have big round and juicy yellow peaches - and I bought a pint.

We picked up a dozen ears of Ambrosia corn, which has both yellow and white kernels. I will probably roast it in the husk again.

The cherry and cocktail tomatoes are out in full force, although the regular ones aren't quite here yet. I am so interested in the wide variety of colours and shapes of the small ones, from very dark purple to pale green and from small marble sized to pear-shaped.

Julie picked up some smoked fish from Metropol, which has a location in Belvedere Square. I had picked up some smoked chicken curry salad from there the other day, and the had the most gorgeous artichoke heart tart!
The most stunning thing this week were the "yard long" beans in green and purple. Allegedly, they have a radish taste.See you next week!


roopa said...

I miss going to the JFX market :( But I DID go to the Waverly market on Saturday! Unfortunately we got there really late (around 11) so there was not a single cherry tomato to be seen. I did get some blackberries and two varieties of plums (Methley and Elephant Heart) that I've never seen before, but I left all of them in Matt's fridge so now he gets to eat all of them! Lucky him!

Meghan said...

missed the market this sad. hopefully will do it next saturday!

Julie said...

I wish I'd seen the elephant heart plums -- I would have bought them for the name alone.

Pigtown-Design said...

Missed those elephant heart ones, too! I would have pointed them out if I saw them.

Rebecca said...

But donut peaches are so tasty! They are a little sweeter than regular peaches and you can just break them in half and pop out the pit. Very easy and convenient while on the go.