Friday, August 15, 2008

Zen West

My old friend from work, Jefe and I decided to go out to lunch and since Zen West is close to our office, we headed over there. It was empty when we got there at noon, and we got a table next to the window.

The server brought us a basket of tortilla chips and some salsa and we dug in. After one bite, I realized that the oil used in cooking the tortillas was rancid. I mentioned this to Jefe, but he didn't think that he could taste it. Needless to say, I refrained from eating any more chips.
After about a 25-minute wait, our food was finally delivered, missing the guacamole that Jefe had specifically ordered. The kitchen had put Jefe's lunch under the broiler to melt the cheese, but in doing so, they completely dried out the black beans until they were cracked.
I had two tacos, one soft and one hard. The hard one was completely stale. It was crunchy, but in a bad way. The soft taco was pretty good and the meat was nicely done. For $23.00, including two drinks, an ice tea and a "coke", which the server told us was a coke-like product, not even the real thing, I think we over-paid by about 75%.


Meghan said...

unfortunatly ive heard nothing but bad news about Zen west...


nathalie said...

wow, that's terrible. i think the only good thing about that place is the pretty sign out front.

BMoreSweet said...

OMG, I am feeling weak in the knees just reading this - or maybe weak in the guts or somethin. GROSS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by a "Coke" like product?
I know that Asian man who runs the place would love to hear this feedback - he seems to be quite involved in day-to-day there -(how could you not be).

I love both of your blogs Pigtown!

Pigtown-Design said...

That's what the server told us. I asked if they had Coke, because I don't like Pepsi. He said yes, and I said Coke-Coke? Then he said that it wasn't actually Coke, it was a "coke-like product". I thought it was a little strange.

I think that they list Coke on the menu... I don't actually remember looking at the drinks section of the menu, since I was either going to have Coke or iced tea.

Anonymous said...

the food there stinks, I have tried it 4 times and the last time my taco had raw chicken in it - never again!

Lucky said...


love the review though!

MLB said...

I've never had anything but positive experiences there- the brunch is particularly affordable.
The chicken wings are great.

I HAVE had several HORRIBLE experiences next door at Cafe Zen (rotten broccoli in my meal, stale food etc.) and will NEVER go there again.