Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday Market - August 16

The market seemed a little more crowded this week, not really sure why, but we both noticed it. I was focusing this week on tomatoes. Not your "garden variety" tomatoes, but on the heirloom varities. I hate the look of some of these, they're all knobby and anatomical-looking. Not attractive to me at all.
I should have paid more attention to the names, but here's a sampling of what I saw.
Lovely orange cocktail tomatoes.
Next week, I think I might take pictures of people who should have looked in a mirror before they left home... Consider yourself warned!


Mike Lantz said...

The tomatoes look very ripe.I still miss the old arabers who used to come up the street selling crab meat.Those were the good old days

Mary said...

My husband spotted an araber on our street (in the County even!) earlier this summer. I had to explain to him the deal.

Michael Lantz said...

I remember my mother used to buy crab meat off an araber back in the 1970's near the 4th of July season ,so that we would have crab meat for the 4th of July.The araber would come around on Fridays.I kind of missed those days.

ADG said...

The tomatoes may be ugly but some of those taste great!


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