Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday Market - August 2

When I was looking through last year's July pictures and comparing them to what's in the market now, it's very obvious that we're running behind where things usually are. It's also obvious to me that I could slap some pix from last year in this post and you'd never know, since the produce is all the same, year after year. More or less...So, I am going to try to find themes for each week. This week's theme is stripey produce.
Eggplants. Beans.Tomatoes.
See you next week!

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kathleen said...

Those are borlotti beans, right? I ordered a couple of bags from Rancho Gordo (great place for good beans) and then planted two of the beans this spring.

Well, the beans grew. I didn't do a very good job of tending them, and finally yanked them last week. The net result was a colander full of bean pods that I placed on the counter. Else, my counter cruising pup, grabbed a couple of pods while I was away from the house and shelled them here and there. So, we're finding beans all around.

The things I do to provide an enriching atmosphere for the dogs...