Friday, February 9, 2007

Baltimore Restaurant Week

Now, I am usually pretty on top of things, but Baltimore Restaurant Week nearly eluded my radar... But once we heard about it, we decided it was a good time to check out someplace we'd never been. Each restaurant featured a starter, a main and a dessert course. Drinks, tax and tips were extra. Lunches were $20.07 and dinners were $30.07.

After perusing the posted menus, we decided to try Bicycle, where I'd been before, but C. had not. Alas, they were booked solid for the week, so it was back to the menu page. C. found Brasserie Tatin and wanted to try it because they had frogs' legs on the menu. But they were on the lunch menu and we needed to go at dinnertime.

BT is located in the Tuscany-Canterbury section of Baltimore, near Johns Hopkins University and in a late 50's apartment house, where my grandmother lived at one point in the 70's. I hadn't been there since that time, and it's been through a couple of iterations since then.

The restaurant is very attractive - great colours and fabrics, hard and soft surfaces complimening each other and a subdued ambience. While I waited for C. I had a glass of prosecco, which was lovely. I got into the habit of drinking champagne when I lived in the UK, and it's a good habit to have. They have a nice wine list and a selection of dix-neuf wines for $19. (that's 19 for $19!).

Our waiter was very attentive, not too overbearing, but not ignoring us, either. We ordered different things so we could try each other's. Here's what we ordered:

Tartare au Thon : Tuna tartar, on avocado/wasabi ice
Carpaccio de Canard: Carpaccio of duck breast with orange/vanilla glaze & a warm truffle & frisee salade

Feuillettïe de Saumon Grilled: Grilled salmon on puff pastry topped with lobster mousse & beurre rouge
Steak Frites: Grilled hanger steak & French Fries and seasonal vegetables

Marjolaine Le Bec Fin: layers of chocolate mousse, hazelnut buttercream & chocolate ganache Tatin's signature Tarte Tatin, served with caramel sauce, house made green apple sorbet and creme fraiche

The portions were a little smaller than usual, but everything was great. The avacado/wasabi ice was amazing. Very clear taste and lush pale green colour. I wish they had mayonaise to dip my frites into, like the do in the Netherlands and Belgium, but the waiter said they didn't have any in the kitchen (huh?).

My one issue was the parking... apparently, you can park across the street in a pay lot, but that wasn't clear. I drove by the entrance to BT twice in hopes that a valet would spring out somewhere, but that didn't happen. I had to park about two blocks away and it was bittttter cold out. They had a free coat check, which was great and much appreciated.

All in all, a fun evening for about $100.

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Baltmore Snacker said...

That sounds so great and so decadent! Only $30. Sadly I am going to miss this Restaurant Week. But next time they do this I'm probably going there. Without the wine, though :) (have to save some money for parking)!