Sunday, February 25, 2007


I happened to venture outside the Beltway yesterday and find myself at Wegmans Grocery Store in Hunt Valley! I first need to establish that the only reason I ever go to the grocery store is to buy dogfood for Connor, and... well, that's about the only time I ever go. So in light of the coming storm, I decided to brave the wilds of Hunt Valley and go to Wegmans.

After fighting to find a parking place amongst the behemoth SUVs, I walked into the section of the store that's the food court with wings, seafood, pizza, baked goods and Asian foods. I wasn't searching for anything special, except for something that would be comfort food during the storm.

Here's what ended up in my cart:

  • Sunday Observer Newspaper from London (at about a 3x mark-up)
  • Kerry Gold butter - another bad habit from my UK days
  • Hot loaf of garlic infused bread with cloves of garlic.
  • Half gallon of milk
  • Pint of shrimp bisque
  • Croissants for breakfast
  • Pate with truffles
  • Hobnobs with plain chocolate - yet another bad habit from the UK (one nibble and you're nobbled!)

Wegmans, oddly enough, has a British food section, and since the Brits aren't known for their stellar cuisine, you can find the traditional mushy peas, Birds custard, some Irish bread mixes and the UK equivalent of Vegemite, called Marmite.

The store was mobbed, and from what I understand from a friend I ran into there, it's always like that. It was fun to see the spectacular variety of what they sell, but the distance, combined with the crowds will make a trip out there a rare event for me.


Anonymous said...

I bet half of those SUV's that you brag about hating are actual working farm vehicles.
Its not called HUNT Valley for nothin'!

Baltimore Snacker said...

Haven't tried marmite yet. Don't think I want to :)

Julie said...

I visit relatives in Ithaca about once a year and always go to Wegmann's when I'm there. I'm always amazed at the quality and variety of their produce.

However, I'm more likely to drive to Ithaca than Hunt Valley. I've only been to the Hunt Valley store once when I was in the area looking at appliances. I agree, it's too far to make a trip just to go to Wegmann's and it's extremely rare that I happen to have any reason to be in Hunt Valley.

Anonymous said...

I read through this post and can't see anything about hating SUVs. Where did that come from?

pinknest said...

i love hob nobs! just had some actually.

Syndita said...

Funny how you're always complaining about markups. I guess you expect businesses to just give their stuff away for free?

LauraB said...

i love hobnobs too, a british coworker of mine brought some back from england, and i was so excited to find them at the deli down the street!
(also love the names of your blogs, i'm a big pig fan)