Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Holy Frijoles!

Dinner tonight was with four friends at Holy Frijoles in Hampden, a small (but larger than it was) Mexican restaurant that's been around for ages. It was in a teeeny storefront, but in the last couple of years, has acquired the adjacent space and added a full bar. However, the restaurant is still in the teeeny section.

First, let me say that the food and service were both great, and the price couldn't be more affordable. With five entrees, three margaritas and two lemon/limeades, the total bill was $55.00, plus tip. Pretty good! Two of us had the Caesar salad with steak, one had the nachos, one the soft tacos and the other a burrito.
We got there early because two of us had meetings, so the kitchen was super fast. Our meal came in about 10 minutes. We asked for some additional guacamole, and the server brought us about a cup of it! It was freshly made and delicious. The Caesar salads with steak were excellent and the steak was cooked perfectly - grilled on the outside and rare on the inside and the lettuces were fresh. The dressing was a little garlicky, but wonderful, nevertheless.

There were five of us, and they were hard-pressed to seat us all at one table. We had an old pew, and a bench and then a chair pulled up to the table. There were larger tables on the bar side, but they seemed to just be for the bar patrons, and the server wouldn't seat us there.

My only other small quibble is that the writing on the menu is very small and hard to read. Otherwise, it was a great evening at a great price.


Baltimore Snacker said...

I've eaten there before. Good beans. I need to go back.

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure as well, and the beef i got in my enchilada tasted canned.

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure as well, and the beef i got in my enchilada tasted canned.

Julie said...

I like that place and haven't been for ages. Definitely time for a return trip.

Syndita said...

It's good if you're broke and drunk, otherwise why bother?