Saturday, February 10, 2007


My god-daughter and I have been taking knitting lessons in Fells Point at A Good Yarn on Saturday afternoons, and we've been going out to lunch before the lessons. Today was our last lesson, so we went out for dessert instead.

We went from Fells Point to Little Italy, just about a mile to the west. We were headed to Vaccaro's, a small spot which only serves desserts. Of course, their specialties are all Italian, from gelato to cookies to tiramisu. Conveniently, they also hold a liquor license, so you can get some yummy coffee drinks or gelato with liquor poured over it.

J. got a "small" bowl of mint chocolate chip gelato and I got a piece of tiramisu. A friend and I had done a tasting of tiramisus in Rome a couple of years ago, and this was right up with them. I also bought an ├ęclair for my parents, along with pignoli cookies and some almond macaroons. The ├ęclair weighed almost a pound and is the size of a hefty submarine sandwich.

Even though it was 3:00 in the afternoon, there was a line to get a table. The place is teeeeny and parking is always a challenge, but both are worth the effort. The portions are just HUGE!!!!

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